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Health Benefits of Green Tea - 2017 Research

2017 Health Benefits of Green Tea – Peer Reviewed Studies

  1. Weight Loss – Decreased BMI

  2. Improves Insulin Metabolism – Decrease in Fasting Insulin

  3. Increases Glutathione Levels (important for detoxification pathway)

  4. Decreases Free Testosterone in Those with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)

  5. Increases Thermogenesis (calorie burning)

  6. Synergistic Effectiveness with Bladder Cancer Drugs

  7. Inhibits Colorectal Cancer Cells

  8. Associate with Reduced Prostate Cancer Risk

  9. Associated with Reduced Type II Diabetes Risk

  10. Associated with reduced CVD problems

  11. Reduces Dental Caries

  12. Breast Cancer Preventative and Useful Treatment

  13. Associated with Reduced Risk of Bile Tract Cancer

  14. Associated with Reduced Risk of Ovaian Cancer


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